April 26, 2017

Running bootkube on OSX

I’d heard of bootkube and wanted to try it out, I also really wanted to run this locally on my MacBook. I didn’t want to run it on Virtual Box, this was when I remembered kubesolo which used the xhvye virtualization to stand up a kubernetes cluster on your MacBook. I then looked and found corectl, which allows you to run a coreos vm on xhyve. It took me a day or so to figure out how exactly I needed to bring up the cluster.

I’d like to share the process on how I got this done. I took the lastest bootkube version at the time of writing (0.4.1 - released less than 24 hours ago). Coreos is what we run kubernetes on, so having a playground that I could try things out was a big bonus. You can check out the repo where I have put in a few things to get things running. I’ve hardcoded a lot of things, you can change all the config on the script. I have tried to put out as much detail as I can on the readme, check it out here.

There maybe a lot of errors on the script, its probably not the most efficient script, so be gentle.

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